Primary Vehicle Information

  • Price £10,900
  • Exterior Color Blue
  • Interior Color

Vehicle Description

The car has great and practical solutions. Camping section consists of a series of cabinets, drawers and compartments. It is automatically raise / senketak the car. Sunbathing Place for 4 persons, 2 up and 2 down. The bed upstairs is foldable, which makes it full standing height in almost the entire length of the car.Bed space upstairs has adjustable reading lamp. In total there are 6 integrated read / working lights in the living area.Kitchen section has 2 pieces. gas burner, sink with removable washtub and large water tank. Infinitely 40 liter refrigeration / freezing (+7 to -20), w / removable food basket.Front seating can be turned and the rear seat is pushed back and forth. There are two tables in the car, a small integrated inside the kitchen area that folds out, and a little larger in the sliding door to outdoor use. In the tailgate, there are two camping chairs. The car has three batteries. A for car and two for camping section. All batteries recharged by driving or via power port on the side of the car.California is German engineering at the funniest. Here they have managed to create a normal car (Caravelle, Transporter) with LOTS of space for equipment, and practical solutions for long walks. The ceiling is only 4 cm higher than the Caravelle, as it goes nicely into any garage. Go as a passenger on the ferries and toll booths.


15 Hertsmere Rd, london, london E14 4AW